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Планочная табата

Планочная табата

Табата – невероятно популярный фитнес-тренинг, который сейчас встречается в меню любого уважающего себя спортивного клуба. Некоторые тренеры всю тренировку строят на принципах табата, а некоторые – разбавляют свои программы табата-блоками. Многие поклонницы стройных форм с удовольствием практикуют табату и самостоятельно, занимаясь дома.

60-минутная высокоинтенсивная тренировка всего тела с гантелями ��Сожгите 770 калорий! ��

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In this 60 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout with Dumbbells, I take you through different total body movements using light dumbbells (I used 8lbs)! I burned 770 calories*! What can you burn?

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Equipment I use:
Manduka eKo Lite Yoga Mat: http://amzn.to/2GlquGy
SPRI Dumbbells http://amzn.to/2DONM5X
Nalgene 32 oz Water Bottle: http://amzn.to/2DQAsyb
Apple Watch Series 3: https://www.apple.com/apple-watch-series-3/

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In this workout you are training with me, Sydney Cummings, owner of Royal Change and NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I am a fitness trainer is Charlotte, North Carolina and was a Division 1 athlete at West Virginia University where I was a national qualifying high jumper. I use my knowledge from my NASM certifications, bachelor’s degree, nursing school experience, and my elite athletic background to lead you through workouts designed to make you a stronger, more balanced athlete. My goal is to get you closer to your goals with each workout!

*Please take note that calories burned vary for every individual depending on multiple factors (e.g. age, body weight, heart rate, height, effort intensity, etc). Any slight variation in any of these factors can dramatically alter the amount of calories you burn. I calculate all of my calories using an Apple Watch 3 with the High Intensity Interval Training Workout application.


All information provided by Royal Change and/or Sydney Cummings is furnished strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only. Royal Change and/or Sydney Cummings is not engaged in rendering medical or professional services. No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual’s specific health or medical condition. Please consult your healthcare professional before participating in or acting on any recommendation found in content provided by Royal Change and/or Sydney Cummings.

You agree that use of the information contained in any content provided by Royal Change and/or Sydney Cummings is at your own risk. Royal Change and/or Sydney Cummings is not responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using the content in this video or any other video provided by Royal Change and/or Sydney Cummings.

40 МИН ГИРЯ ДЛЯ ВСЕГО ТЕЛА | Потный | Убийца калорий | Сила и ВИИТ | Суперсеты | Интенсивный | Весело

Hey team #everydaywarrior,
we are back with another intense KETTLEBELL Workout — hope you guys are ready!
We changed a lot in our design, feel free to give us feedback how you like everything after completing the workout.

As almost every of my workouts, this one is super sweaty! We will be working in Supersets. But we will have breaks, no worries. ��
I am using a 12 kg Kettlebelll. Please make sure to choose your weight wisely.

WIN YOUR DAY — LET’S ROCK ! #teameverydaywarrior

Remember: we all are different, so are our levels of fitness. Make every single workout YOUR OWN. Also make sure to maintain a proper form while exercising. Feel free to rest some more if needed. ����

w o r k o u t — d e t a i l s:
*full body workout with weights | Kettlebell
00:28 — 03:40 Warm up
03:41 — 34:47 Workout (30 sec ON, 30 sec ON, 30 sec REST)
35:00 — 38:06 Finisher
38:24 — 43:26 Cool down

Equipment: a Kettlebell
You can also use a Dumbbell
* a mat is also recommended
*sth. to dring (water)

���� my supplements: foodspring, get 15 % off = kaykayFSG
���� favorite post workout protein shake: COCOS CRISP �� https://www.foodspring.de/whey-protein-cocos-crisp-750g
���� dumbbells: Kingsboxgermany — get 5% off with: kaykay5

*subscribe my channel: https://bit.ly/3oCte8s
*contact (business inquiries): [email protected]
*Instagram: https://bit.ly/3i0eKwp

*Videocut: filmsbymarcel ����

Yours KayKay

D i s c l a i m e r:
This channel is for improvment of our fitness and health.���� Make sure to check your health with a professional medic before start exercising to avoid injury or harm.You are performing the fitness exercises without supervision, so you are performing on your own risk. My advice for you is to start with the simple (alternative) exercises and make sure to feel save before performing the advanced exercises. Fitness__KayKay will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

Тренировочный мэшап на 1000 калорий с собственным весом № 1: Tabata Massacre #burnfat #toneyourbody #getfit #hiit

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Tabata Massacre: 1000 Calorie Bodyweight Mashup No.1

Optional Equipment: 2 small towels or paper/plastic plates (or gym sliders), chair or bench

Part 1: Tabata Drills 20/10

Tabata 1) Jab cross jab knee, block (L &R 4 sets) / Back kick, front kick (4 sets)
Tabata 2) Plank kick throughs ALTERNATE plank jack shoulder taps
Tabata 3) Ball toe-touches (4 sets) / Spidy plan drags (fwd & rvs 4 sets)
Tabata 4) Rotating side plank lifts (4×4 — 4 sets) / Semi-circle plank walks(4 sets)

Part 2: Tabata Drills 20/10

Tabata 1)
Knee strike, front kick, side kick (4 sets)
Back kick, front jump kick (4 sets)

Tabata 2)
Star jump Burpees (4 sets)
Single leg Burpees (4 sets) (w/ push up or w/ hell-raiser)

Tabata 3)
Plank jack shoulder taps (4 sets)
4 mountain climbers 4 Everests (4 sets)

Tabata 4)
Side-plank dips fwd toe-touch (L &R 4 sets)
Chair knee tucks (4 sets

Part 3: Tabata Drills 20/10

Tabata 1)
-Single leg push-up (L &R)
-Wide leg mountain climbers

Tabata 2)
-Burpee jacks
-Close stance squat side-kicks

Tabata 3)
-Kick throughs
-Mountain climber

Tabata 4)
-Plank toe-to-heel taps
-Plank twisters

Part 4: Abs Burnout (12 Minute Extreme Abs) — by number of reps at my tempo for 1 round

Forearm plank abs reach (15)
Knee crunch, s. leg pike (L) (10)
Knee crunch, s. leg pike (R) (10)
Straight leg stability sit ups (15)
Leg raises w/ hip lift (L,R,C at top of each one & go SLOW!!!!) (10)
Boat sit, outer ankle touch (15)
Double leg pull-ins (L, C, R, C (28 – each counts as one)
Single-leg reverse plank pikes (L10)
Single-leg reverse plank pikes (R10)
Floating s. leg pike w/ toe touch (alternating 15)
Death by Abs sequence (10)

FitForceFX strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercises shown.

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge FitForceFX from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of FitForceFX’s negligence.

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